2007年5月に開店してから今まで、ニュージーランドから来日した多くのワインメーカーがNZ BARに立ち寄ってくださいました。そのたびに醸造家やワイナリーオーナーの方のサインやメッセージなどが当店の壁に書き加えられてきました。

私たちは、ただ幸運に恵まれたというだけで、このような「特別」なことが、また起こりうるのか、わかりません。 私たちにとって、彼らワイナリーの人々は、ティーンネイジャーの頃に憧れたヒーローやアイドルの様な存在。この根津の小さな店に足を運んで下さり、時にその場のお客様と一緒にワインを飲んで帰ってくださったということは、とてもエキサイティングなことですし、このような出来事にとても励まされています。




Since our opening in May of 2007, many winegrowers have visited NZ BAR from New Zealand. Each time, we have asked them to leave their signs to prove they were here on our "winemaker's wall" .

It's not certain for us that such special and extraordinary visits could happen again in future. We have been only lucky. For us, they have been inspiring winemakers and we admire them like our idols and heroes almost in a mind state of teenagers. We have been cheered up by those surprising visits as well as by very heart-warming atmosphere made by our neighborhood customers to welcome these winegrowers. We just would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the winery people and also our customers who always support us in a family-like atmosphere.

The following is a few of our records of these occasions.
Please enjoy. We wish we can have another fortune in near future to welcome the winemakers from New Zealand with you all.

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Nick Mills, Rippon Vineyards and Claudia and Mike Weersing, Pyramid Valley Vineyards


Hiro Kusuda, Kusuda wines and Kai Schubert, Shubert Wines in March

Steve Farquharson, Wooing Tree

Janine Tullock, Martinborough Vineyards in November

Sarah Martin, Spy Valley


Takahiro Koyama, Mountford Estate in July

Matt Dicey, Mt.Difficulty in July

Judy and Tim Finn, Neudorf Vinyards in July

Takaki Okada, previously the viticulturist of Clos Henri in August

Steve Farquharson, Wooing Tree, in October

Rudi Bauer, Quartz Reef in October

Kathryn Ryan and Takahiro Koyama, Mountford Estate in November


Misha Wilkinson and Olly Masters, Misha's vineyards in March

Annie and James Millton, The Millton Vineyards, in May

Jill and Roger Fraser, Murdoch James in July

Sam Weaver, Churton in July

Edward Donaldson, Pegasus Bay in August

Steve White and Chirs Ward, Stonyridge Vineyards in September

Nicholas Buch Te Mata Estate in September

Mike Eaton, TerraVin Wines in October

Takahiro Koyama, Koyama Wines in November

Nick Rane, Cloudy Bay in November

Shigehisa Kimura Kimura Cellars

Jeff Chilcott, Marchesi di Gresy in December


Peter, Spy Valley in January

Kimbury and Kevin Judd, Greywacke in February

Neil McCallum, Dry River in May

Yoshi Sato, Sato Wines / Mount Edward in June

Mike Weersing, Pyramid Valley Vineyards, in July

Blair Walter, Felton Road, in July

Jean-Marie Pratt, TerraVin Wines, in July

Hiroyuki Kusuda, Kusuda Wines, in July

Annie Millton, The Millton Vineyards, in October

Sam Weaver, Churton Wines, in November

Adam Peren, Two Sisters, in November

Takahiro Koyama, Koyama Wine/Mountford Estate, in November

Nick Mills, Rippon Vineyards, in November


Mandy Weaver, Churton Wines, in June

Takahiro Koyama, Koyama Wine/Mountford Estate, in June

Ivan Sutherland and James Healy, Dog Point Vineyard, in September

Hiroyuki Kusuda, Kusuda Wines, in September

Annie Millton, The Millton Vineyards, in November


takahiro koyama, koyama wines in march


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