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私たちは以前東京都文京区の根津という町で、小さなニュージーランドワイン・バーを営んでいました。 根津という町は、東京の中心からほど近い住宅街であり、たくさんの学術機関にかこまれたアカデミックな地区です。また、関東大震災や東京大空襲で破壊されなかった町並みがひそかに残る雰囲気のある町としても知られています。






Nezu is a residential and academic area near to central Tokyo which is also known for its nostalgic atmosphere which was undestroyed by the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 and the air strikes during the World War 2. We had run a tiny casual wine bar in this town. Currently we have moved to the new location very close to Todai-mae station and run with small bottle shop specialized New Zealand wines (Please read "our important notice to the customer" about the move.).

Sometimes, we close the bar and fly to New Zealand just to feel the real atmosphere of winemaking at the wineries of the wines we sell. To visit the winery is a precious experience as we get to know more about how the wines in our cellar are made. Further, as we are big believers in the theory that a wine reflects its maker's personality and spirit, we can get a certain amount of satisfactory evidence to verify this theory by meeting the winemakers who makes wonderful wines. Learning a lot in New Zealand encourages us and we can move forward little by little. We believe NZ BAR has changed gradually since its open because of these precious experiences.

In New Zealand, we have received lovely hospitality all the time. So our final purpose at NZ BAR is to treat our guests like Kiwi has done for us. They taught us all the time that the hospitality goes round from one to another, all over the world.

We hope you can enjoy visiting and tasting New Zealand wines at NZ BAR. We have high-quality wines but the bar atmosphere is very casual. Please relax like you are at home.

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